Friday, December 15, 2017

Show compassion to each other, urges Carmona

President Anthony Carmona

PRESIDENT Anthony Carmona has urged citizens to embody the spirit of Easter and be kind, honest and compassionate to one another.

In his Easter message, Carmona stressed that all lives are equal and the struggles of those in need must not be overlooked.

“We must not be flippant about the lives and needs of the downtrodden. The life of every man, woman and child is important, regardless of their status, race, colour, religion or political suasion.

“We must therefore be honest to ourselves and with others. We must not say that we care when we do not; we must not say that we feel and do not; we must not say we are concerned and show neither mercy, compassion nor forgiveness. Easter is about enfor­cing genuine humanity in our lives,” he said.

Healing the pain


Carmona said the act of washing and drying of feet on Holy Thursday was an act of humility that leaders can learn from.

“We require in our society, more than ever, service leadership rather than power leadership in all spheres of activity, listeners that hear and talkers that act and perform. These are some of the messages that Jesus Christ left us by His life, His words, His acts of humanity, His miracles, His benevolence and His death.”

He added the unifying celebrations of Easter can help to heal all the pain and hurt in Trinidad and Tobago.

“In this time of worrying social conflict and human concerns, we seek a world of greater harmony. It is possible through the loving power of Jesus Christ and his message at Easter of selflessness in sacrifice and a humanity that works for the betterment of all.”

Cross is not ‘bling'


Carmona also urged people wearing the symbol of the Holy Cross as jewelry to ensure they practise God's love through their actions, words and deeds as the Holy Cross is not “bling”.

He urged the public to use the Easter holiday weekend not for feteing but for promoting the right values.

“At this Easter time, and more specifically during this Easter weekend, we must keep on ‘jamming' for the right things and the right values, not simply fete after fete after fete when basic simple human needs in Trinidad and Tobago are not being addressed with the required seriousness, vision, heart and compassion.”