Tuesday, February 20, 2018

MSJ calls for transparency in ‘Point’ hospital project

san fernando
THE MOVEMENT FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE (MSJ) wants transparency to be shown by the Ministry of Health and the Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT) in the construction of the new Point Fortin hospital.
In a media release on Friday, MSJ political leader David Abdulah called for the names of the contractors involved; answers into the financing of the project; and raised questions over the method UDeCOTT planned to use to ensure that hundreds of jobs as stated will be created and be allocated to the people of Point Fortin.
Abdulah said, following a media conference outside the hospital’s construction site on April 1 to inform that work had come to a halt, Minster of Health Terrence Deyalsingh and UDeCOTT responded by issuing a press release and placing full-page advertisements in the daily newspapers.
Abdulah said: “They claim that work is ongoing because steel was being fabricated off-site and that foundation works were ongoing. The facts are that work on the foundation had come to an end some months ago and there have been few if any workers on site.
“If, as the minister and UDeCOTT claim, the steel has been fabricated, why wasn’t it erected right away? This is the dry season when construction works should be maximised.
“Why have two months of the dry season been allowed to go by without any activity?”
He asked for information to be made public on the names of the companies that were originally hired as the main sub-contractor on the project and the specific activities of each and whether there were problems with any of them.
He also wants answers as to whether new sub-contractors were hired and, if this was done, the names of the firms to be given.
Abdulah also said information on how the project is being financed should be made public.
“This Point Fortin hospital project is an issue that will continue to receive the attention of the MSJ as we give voice to the interests of the people. Full transparency is demanded now,” Abdulah said.