Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Three Creek sinkholes fixed

REPAIRS TO the sinkholes which formed last week after a bush fire along Solomon Hochoy Highway, near Mosquito Creek, have been completed, as promised by Works Minister Rohan Sinanan during a site visit on Saturday.
The holes which developed on the road created chaos for commuters and police had to divert traffic to other routes.
According to Sinanan, the bush fire caused damage to some underground plastic pipes which collapsed and formed the sinkholes.
This portion of the highway was mapped for the billion-dollar extension to Point Fortin.
Sinanan said the collapse of the road was the result of the fire burning the plastic pipe tubing beneath the surface of the road.
“What happened is that a bush fire caused some damage to the underground pipes. Because the pipes were plastic it affected the pipes and caused the entire roadway to sink. It happened in three places and the ministry, with the assistance of Nidco (National Infrastructure Development Company Ltd), has given the assurance that by tonight (Saturday) everything will be back to normal. We’re just here to pay a visit to ensure everything goes as planned,” said the minister.
A worker told the Express yesterday that the repair works were completed at midnight on Saturday.
Normal traffic along the route has resumed.
Sinanan also made site visit to Beetham Highway, where major construction work on culverts was being conducted.
He said that works to the section would be completed by tomorrow and that the lanes would be re-opened to commuters.
The project, which involves the replacement of two aged culverts running across Beetham Highway, meant to alleviate flooding issues, is expected to run for four weekends.
“This will definitely help with the flow of water because if you look at what is coming out you would see that it has been blocked for years. Five years ago it was realised that the culvert started to fail and the water wasn’t running in it and I think this could be part of the problem why we have the water on the Bus Route side that backs up. We’re hoping to get a great ease with some of the flooding once this project is finished,” said Sinanan.