Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Govt gives property owners May 22 deadline to fill out forms

former Congress of the People (COP) leader Prakash Ramadhar

People with luxury homes equipped with swimming pools and fancy additions can expect to pay more to the tax man, as the Government moves to implement the controversial property tax.
Property owners have until May 22 (or about a month) to submit their documents for the implementation of the property tax or face a $500 fine for breach of the law.
But while the Government is seeking to obtain revenue from property taxes which have not been paid since 2009, St Augustine MP and former Congress of the People (COP) leader Prakash Ramadhar has expressed concerns over the valuation exercise to calculate the property taxes.
Speaking to the Express by phone yesterday, Ramadhar said people have voiced complaints to him about the tax.
“There is tremendous political resistance to it. You cannot imagine the number of persons who have called me when the matter first arose to say that they are troubled,” he said. 

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