Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cuffie saw big picture

Were the minister's political opponents justified in calling for his removal from office, based on his Easter message? I could find no grounds for a right-thinking person to even think of making such a call. You be the judge.

Easter is an important religious event in our national calendar and a time when leaders (religious, political and otherwise) craft messages of inspiration for citizens, as they do with other national events like Divali and Eid.

While ordinary folks tend to see and live in a part of the big picture, enlightened leaders tend to see and live in the big picture with its composite parts. Minister Maxie Cuffie chose the big picture.

He used the Easter message of Jesus's resurrection to bring hope and inspiration to a citizenry reeling under the effects of falling oil and gas prices, violence, missing children and the refusal of so many adults to take personal responsibility, choosing, instead, to blame every imaginable social ill on someone else.

The minister saw the resurrection as a “triumph” over the seemingly “impossible”. He exhorted citizens to use their resilience to triumph over the “empty treasury” much as the early Christians had triumphed over the “empty tomb” of Jesus.

Instead of seeing an “empty tomb,” he asked citizens to see the Easter promise of “new life and rebirth... of growth and recovery”, and wished that all would keep hope alive in their hearts.