Saturday, February 24, 2018

Freeness and lawlessness must stop

Time for order in our society.

It was exceedingly disappointing to hear a radio talk-show host on the evening drive home condemning the present administration for not distributing the wealth of the nation. This radio personality, a supporter of the present administration, was condemning the People's National Movement administration for living up to what he expected. Like so many citizens of this nation, he saw the Government's responsibility as sharing the wealth among the people so that everyone could live comfortably.

One's wealth must be related to one's education, business investment, employment or trade. It is not the Government's responsibility to make one wealthy. The Government's responsibility is to ensure opportunities to access avenues to wealth are fair and equitable. It is the duty of the Government to ensure taxes are not burdensome to investors, that infrastructure like roads and access to lands, water and electricity are available to those wishing to contribute to the economic growth of our nation. Moreover, there must be order and strict adherence to the laws.

The freeness and lawlessness must stop. Almost everywhere from Carenage to Moruga, and Toco to Cedros, there is widespread squatting on both private and State lands. Our borders are a free-for-all with guns, drugs and uncontrolled importation of wildlife and alcohol arriving at our ports daily with impunity. Supporters of the two major parties are simply waiting for their turn to gain access to State funds via contracts for little or no work and State jobs with inflated salaries. This state of existence must stop immediately.

Work must be given to qualified personnel. Profitability and wealth must be directly related to effort and hard work. Our children must know there are positive consequences for success at examinations, learning a trade or embarking on a specific profession. What kind of society are we encouraging when we simply distribute the wealth of our nation to a people unwilling to work for it?

Change is necessary for growth and development, but it is not always easy to embrace.

God bless our nation.