Monday, February 19, 2018

Homeless man shot in struggle with cop

A HOMELESS man, said to be a former police officer, who allegedly attempted to grab the service pistol of a police officer along Frederick Street, Port of Spain, around noon yesterday, was shot three times during the fracas that occurred.

There were reports last night indicating he had died, but the Express was unable to confirm this.

Police said around 12 o'clock they were alerted to a situation that a homeless man, identified as Pascall Roberts, was attempting to grab a tablet PC from a child in the back-seat of a car that had been parked along Frederick Street, opposite City Hall.

The drama was being monitored by City Police via their CCTV ­cameras.

One of their colleagues heading to lunch opted to intervene and approached Roberts while he was still trying to grab the tablet.

The car, however, sped off and Roberts spotted the officer approaching him.

He then ran into a underwear/lingerie store known as ­Pasarela Outlet and was followed by the officer, who attempted to grab him there.

Roberts, however, fought back and the scuffle moved onto the pavement, and he attempted to grab the officer's gun.

The Express was told, however, Roberts was shot three times.

Other officers then joined their colleague and took Roberts to the Port of Spain General Hospital, where he reportedly remained ­under police guard up to last night.

Port of Spain Mayor Joel Martinez praised the officer, stating: “The officer was doing a duty and we appreciate that.”

He added: “That's the kind of officer we want in the service.”

Officers of the City Police Station are continuing investigations.