Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mother and daughter held with cocaine

...Biche police make arrests

Officers of the Biche Police Station displaying some of the drugs found during an anti-crime operation.

A MOTHER and daughter were arrested in Biche on Wednesday for alleged possession of $2,000 worth of cocaine.

The 54 year old woman and her 37 year old daughter, were held at their home at Plum Mitan Village.

They were arrested during an eight hour anti-crime police exercise in the Biche district.

Police said the cocaine was found hidden near the kitchen sink.

Officers also arrested a man for alleged possession of 2.2 kilogrammes of marijuana.

And a 54 year old man and his 22 year old wife, of Caltoo Trace, Biche, were also arrested for alleged possession of two rounds of 12 gauge cartridges.

Police said the cartridges were hidden in the roof of their house.

The exercise was held under the supervision of Insp Jankie, Sgt Samaroo and Cpl bhim. And included PCs Sarabjit, Joseph, Gopaul, Mendoza and Tom.

The suspects were expected to appear in court this week.