Friday, February 23, 2018

Thousands of calls intercepted by SSA *

National Security Minister Edmund Dillon

A total of 660,375 calls were intercepted by the Strategic Services Agency (SSA) in 2015, according to a report laid by National Security Minister Edmund Dillon in the Parliament.

One person was arrested based on information from intercepted communication.

The report— Ministry of National Security, Interception of Communications Act (IoCA) Chapter 15:08, 2015 Annual Report for the period January 2015— December 2015 states that it was prepared by Dillon dated March 16, 2017.

Under the Interceptions of Communications Act (IoCA), a warrant is required from the court to intercept communications.

The report stated that 111 warrants were applied for to intercept communications and 105 were granted by the court.

The warrants were granted for a period of an average of 90 days.

The report listed the number and nature of interceptions made pursuant to the warrants granted:

Speech—660,375 (through SSA) (for Commissioner of Police)

Data—133,677 (through SSA)

Data — 60 (through service provider).


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