Saturday, January 20, 2018


indian cricket legend not coming for friendly match with Lara at Tarouba

ONE OF MY dearest FRIENDS: An undated image of Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara which was posted on Tendulkar's Twitter account yesterday with the words “One of my dearest friends celebrates his birthday today. Not just a great friend but one of the greatest cricketers too. Happy birthday @BrianLara”. The retired star West Indies batsman turned 48 yesterday.

India's batting legend Sachin Tendulkar will not be attending or playing a friendly match at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy when it opens on May 13.

The Express understands that Tendulkar never confirmed his attendance at the event before it was announced by Sport Minister Darryl Smith at the post-Cabinet media briefing on April 20.

The Express was told that it was former West Indies cricket captain Brian Lara who had invited Tendulkar and Australian Shane Warne to be part of the opening and it was Lara's request to have the North West Stand at the stadium named after Tendulkar.

At the post-Cabinet briefing after Cabinet approved the request, Smith told media that Lara had persuaded Tendulkar to be part of the opening.
He had said a key feature of the opening would be a T20 match with Lara expected to lead a team against a team led by Tendulkar.

Smith had said “a number of other star icons from the West Indies and across the globe will be participating in that game” and the opening will be televised worldwide. He also said tickets for the event would have been available soon for sale to the public.

Informed sources yesterday confirmed that Tendulkar would not be part of the opening.

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