Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Thousands of dead fish in Chaguaramas*

‘be very cautious’: Thousands of small dead fish in the water off Chaguaramas yesterday.

THOUSANDS of small dead fish carpeted the water off Chaguaramas yesterday, leading to a call from Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) for Energy Minister Franklin Khan to release all information on last month’s oil spill.
Photographs shared by FFOS showed the tide carrying a mass of the dead fish, which appeared to be of the sort used for bait, into the bay around Crew’s Inn.
FFOS general secretary Gary Aboud said the dead fish numbered in the thousands.
He noted the oil spill at Petrotrin’s Pointe-a-Pierre refinery, which affected wildlife around the Guaracara River and Gulf of Paria and which the company confirmed at the time was moving north-west.

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