Sunday, January 21, 2018

Draconian, but it’s the law

As the initiator of the “Axe the Tax” campaign, residents of Felicity have been besieging me to find out whether to file their return as requested. I have indicated to them the property tax should have been repealed during the tenure of the previous government—as it was on the basis of this expectation that the present Opposition found itself in Government.

However, since “Axe the Tax” was an initiative of the Congress of the People under the astute leadership of Winston Dookeran, and the intention of the Government at the time was to decimate the effect of the COP in governance, the issue was left in abeyance.

The country must now pay the price for small-minded governance. Property tax is the law, even though it is draconian. I encourage everyone to file their return, as I have done.