Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Mystery calls to murdered woman's phone

..cops probing angle

Killed: Savitri Mohammed

POLICE are investigating the whether a series of prank calls to the cell phone of murder victim Savirtri Mohammed were linked to her murder.

Homicide detectives have received information that Mohammed had received several phone calls in the days leading to her death.

Police are expected to obtain details from Mohammed's cell phone service provider on the source of the calls.

Mohammed's body was found on Wednesday chopped across the neck with her hands and feet tied with duct tape.

Police believe that given the size of the wound, it was inflicted with a cutlass.

Mohammed died in the house she lived at Bonne Aventure Road, Gasparillo.

The body was discovered by her husband, Sadik Mohammed, who went to the bank and returned home shortly before midday.

Police said the house was not ransacked, but would ascertain if anything was missing with the family's help. Officers searched the grounds surrounding the house for clues and the murder weapon.

An autopsy was conducted on the body at the Forensic Sciences Centre on Thursday.