Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Five days after abduction, no word

...where is Ravi?

Missing: Ravi Anthony

WITH NO word for the last five days on the abduction of Freeport labourer Ravi Anthony, homicide detectives have gotten involved in the case.

Police said their search Anthony, and for the vehicle and two men who beat and bundled him into a car on Sunday have turned up empty.

Anthony, of Connector Drive, Nelson Road, was walking along Lime Fruit Road with a relative when he was accosted.

Witnesses told police that around 3.30 p.m. a vehicle blocked the road and two men jumped out of the vehicle and beat Anthony on the street.

The cousin ran and escaped, but Anthony was pushed into the vehicle.

The vehicle sped off.

Police said that there had been no ransom demand, nor new information on Anthony's whereabouts.

Officers of the Anti-Kidnapping Squad, Homicide Region III and Freeport CID are continuing investigations.