Saturday, February 24, 2018

Kevin gets the axe*

‘IN BAD TASTE’: Kevin Baldeosingh

Guardian columnist Kevin Baldeosingh has been axed following another controversial column which has irked the Muslim community in the country.
Sources told the Express that Baldeosingh and a number of other Guardian columnists have been terminated under the Guardian Media Ltd (GML) restructuring plan.
However, the move to fire Baldeosingh was further solidified after the Islamic Front made a call for his removal on Monday.
Umar Abdullah, head of the Islamic Front, issued a release taking issue with Baldeosingh’s Sunday Guardian column “Hijabonomics Explained”.
The Islamic Front stated that Baldeosingh’s column was an “attack on the dignity and modesty of all women. What Kevin is suggesting is that all women should strip themselves and compromise their true worth in order to get a job in this country. This is synonymous with prostitution”.
Baldeosingh, he stated, has crossed the line to suggest such, and “enough is enough!”.

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