Friday, December 15, 2017

Killings caught on tape

...cops don't know the motive

Killed: Shirui Zhao and Yanli Gu

The shooting deaths of Chinese couple, Shirui Zhao and Yanli Gu, outside their apartment in Marabella on Thursday night was captured on surveillance cameras.

Police have obtained the footage which showed two men in dark coloured hoodie jerseys shooting the couple who were still seated in Zhao's black Toyota Atlis car.

The men who were carrying high-powered weapons stood on both sides of the vehicle and opened fire on the couple.

Police recovered more than 75 spent shells at the scene.

Investigators said the victims were escorted to the building by armed security guards. But when the men started shooting the security vehicle sped off.

The driver of the security vehicle told the Express that he was unable to fight off the men with his handgun.

A security officer stationed at Kosume Bar, where the incident happened at New Haven Avenue, ran out of the building. But the shooters had already escaped in a waiting car.

Kosume Bar guards cordoned off the area and flagged down a police vehicle which was on patrol in the area.

The security guards who escorted the couple home are not affiliated with the officers stationed at Kosume Bar, the Express was told.

Zhao and Gu operated a members club and casino at Tarouba Road, Marabella.

Police said the couple had left the businessplace and were returning home when they were ambushed at around 6.45pm.

Investigators said Zhao drove his car into the parking lot at Kosume Bar, followed by a security vehicle.

But before the couple could exit the vehicle two men walked up to the car and began shooting.

The couple lived on the top floor of the building housing the restaurant. The building has an apartment complex where several Chinese nationals are tenants.

Police arriving on the scene found both dead. Zhao, 32 was slumped over 30-year-old Gu.

Investigators said the Chinese nationals were the targets, and it was not a random crime or robbery attempt as nothing was taken from the couple's vehicle.

The casino was closed on Friday and no one was willing to speak about the incident.