Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Messing with marriage will make T&T worse

For those who have eyes with which to see (and there are many now—both in and out of Parliament—who have eyes and yet cannot see), there is an abundance of evidence that we live in a godless age, in which society has been corrupted and is collapsing. The Qur'an identifies Gog and Magog as the unique evil forces responsible for that corruption and collapse.

At a time when bandits are entering into the church to attack and rob the priest, murder is so random and senseless that the one who is killed does not know why he was killed and the killer does not know why he is killing; children are neglected by part-time mothers who seek to assume the functional role of men in society; a feminist revolution has spawned a sexual revolution which in turn promotes homosexuality and lesbianism; women being raped and sometimes killed; every day, children are being sexually abused; bribery and corruption are constantly increasing; minimum wage legislation hides slave labour with slave wages; and a usurious banking and monetary system rips off the masses to enrich the few. It is becoming increasing clear that we now live in the world order of Gog and Magog.

It is also now clear that political parties and politicians continuously betray the truth, and the religious way of life which is based on truth. Nowhere is this betrayal more dangerous than when they betray the institution of the family, which, in normal society, should comprise father, mother and children living together in a stable home.

The religious way of life insists on a legal bond of marriage as the bedrock on which family and home is built, yet a godless world wages a relentless war against the institution of marriage—corrupting it to such an extent that it may one day suffer the same fate as the monastery and the monastic way of life in western Christianity: it might eventually become redundant and disappear.

When a man can legally marry another man and get a marriage certificate, and when a child can grow in a home comprising two daddies or two mummies, and when children are compulsorily taught at school (as now obtains in “civilised” Canada) that such a home is morally and socially acceptable, it should be clear that the institution of marriage is being attacked and corrupted beyond repair. The corruption of the institution of marriage leads to the corruption of the family, which in turn results in the collapse of society.

Trinidad and Tobago is a classic example of a rapidly collapsing society which, but for the presence of several world religions, would have already collapsed. Religious schools have largely succeeded in preserving both quality education and premarital teenage chastity while State-run schools are suffering from several kinds of incurable promiscuity and increasing illiteracy.

Parliament has now approved legislation concerning the minimum age of 18 at which a girl can be married and that prior to that age, she is still legally a “child”. This legislation has amended the previous law relating mostly to Hindu and Muslim marriages. It is, of course, quite normal in secular western democracy for legislation affecting Hindus and Muslims to be debated and approved in Parliament without a single competent Hindu or Muslim voice ever being allowed to articulate and defend the sacred law of Islam and Hinduism.

I write to commend the Maha Sabha for their courage and integrity in denoun­cing the amended PNM (People's National Movement) law, despite the enthusiastic support it received from all other politi­cal parties present in Parlia­ment. The Muslim community had already rejected the legislation and made its views known in full-paid ads in the daily newspapers.

This PNM Government has now foolishly launched an attack on the one institution remaining in the country which has a capacity to arrest the collapse of society. The consequence of this foolishness will become even more evident when the next legislation is inevitably introduced—it is just a matter of time for a man to marry another man and get a marriage certificate.