Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ferreira praised, hailed as patriot at book launch*

PUTTING COUNTRY BEFORE SELF : Ferdie Ferreira and his wife Pearl cut a cake in the shape of his book Political Encounters 1946-2016, at the launch at the Seamen & Waterfront Workers Trade Union Hall, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain on Wednesday night. —Photo: CURTIS CHASE

FERDIE Ferreira was hailed repeatedly last Wednesday evening as a patriot, one who may have been a fanatic while at the same time maintaining an independence of mind.
One who embodied a compulsion for brutal honesty and who is unique in his understanding of real world politics.
He derived an invaluable education from his experience as a dock worker, one who started at the bottom and rose to the top, through force of will and a knack for understanding people.
Anthony Smart, former attorney general and current chairman of First Citizens, said Ferreira is perhaps the only person who could have brought together the cross-section of invitees, gathered for the launch of his book, Political Encounters, 1946 to 2016.
It is a chronicle of life in Trinidad and Tobago over the period under review, from all angles, by one “who was able to influence the course of political direction in the country, without himself having run for office,” Smart said.

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