Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Trini foolishness over Bourdain’s honesty*

“...Due to a lack of distribution rights outside the United States and Canada” (Sunday Express, June 18, “Flow: No rights to air chef special on T&T”), Flow was set to block Sunday night’s episode of chef Anthony Bourdain’s show Parts Unknown, featuring T&T. Funny how the show airs all the time, yet this “controversial” episode warranted a block.
As for the “controversy” over the show and the concerns he’s highlighted crime in T&T for all the world!—all the world has the Internet and access to international news.
The world knows where there is crime, and where there is more crime. These shows highlight countries in the Caribbean, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe—places with varying levels of crime. So Bourdain’s mentioning anything about the crime situation here is pretty responsible of him.

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