Friday, December 15, 2017

‘Monster tree’ causes damage in Moruga*

A firefighter uses a power saw to cut a milkwood tree which fell across the Moruga Road, Indian Walk yesterday. The fallen tree caused damage to two homes, a power outage and the diversion of traffic.

“IT was the most frightening sound I ever heard.” 
This was the description given by Marva Cooper after she said a “monster tree” came crashing down on part of her home yesterday.
The tree destroyed her garage and damaged a parked vehicle and one side of the house. Her neighbour’s roof and front wall were also damaged.
The fallen tree also blocked Moruga Road, Indian Walk, leading to traffic being diverted and it caused a power outage in several villages in the area. Heavy rains led to the tree’s collapse, the Express was told.
Cooper said she had appealed for the past two years to have the milkwood tree cut. 

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