Monday, February 19, 2018

Stranded in Tobago by approaching storm

....CAL cancels flights

Passengers trying to get out of Tobago are being told all fights after 1.25p.m have been cancelled. -Photo: SUSAN MOHAMMED

There was chaos at the ANR Robinson International Airport, Tobago on Monday as people who travelled from Trinidad to spend the long weekend, attempted to get off the island before the approaching storm.

However, hundreds are expected to be stuck in Tobago because a decision has been taken by Caribbean Airlines to cancel all flights after 1.25p.m Monday.

Passengers being supplied with ponchos in order to board their flight out of Tobago. -Photo: SUSAN MOHAMMED 

At least six flights were scheduled to arrive and depart the island on Monday afternoon.

Express multimedia reporter Susan Mohammed, who was among those at the airport, was able to leave the island on one of the last flights out.

Mohammed said that although the cancellations were announced, some passengers remained at the airport, trying to find a way out.

Others had begun making arrangements with guest houses and hotels to stay on for at least another night.

CAL has also announced the cancellations of flights to several Caribbean islands, Miami and New York.

The following are the cancelled flights:

 All Flights have since been cancelled.






Port of Spain, June 19th, 2017. Caribbean Airlines advises that due to the Tropical Storm


warning in effect for Trinidad, Tobago, Grenada and its dependencies the following flights for June


19th, 2017 are CANCELLED:




BW 550 Port of Spain to John F. Kennedy, New York


BW 1650, 1522, 1528, 1532, 1538, 1526,1530, 1536, 1540, 1550 Port of Spain to Tobago


BW 1651, 1523, 1529,1533,1539, 1527, 1531,1537, 1541, 1551 Tobago to Port of Spain


BW 483 Miami to Port of Spain; Port of Spain to Guyana


BW 459 Kingston to Antigua; Antigua to Barbados


BW 481 Fort Lauderdale to Port ‐of‐Spain


BW 485 Orlando to Port‐of‐Spain


BW 434 Port of Spain to St. Lucia


BW 435 St. Lucia to Port of Spain


BW 448 Port of Spain to Barbados


BW 449 Barbados to Port of Spain


BW 438 Port of Spain to Grenada


BW 883 Port of Spain to Suriname