Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Horror story of child abuse *

troubled home: The house in which the abused child lives in at Nicholas Street, Warrenville, Guaico.

RELATIVES of a 40-year-old woman seen on a cellphone video mercilessly beating her child with a handbag said they had reported her to the police five times before but she only got questioned then detained after they released the footage on social media.

The mother of eight remained in custody up to last night after being arrested by officers of the Child Protection Unit of the Police Service.

She is expected to appear before a Sangre Grande magistrate today.

The Express visited the Nicholas Street, Warrenville, Guaico, home of the woman yesterday and met with five of her relatives who were cleaning the small blue concrete house where the video was taken.


“The child's father is well off and he, his mother and his other son live in the house,” she said.

She added people have called her offering donations but she has refused stating it was not needed as his father is more than able to take care of him.


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