Wednesday, February 21, 2018

PM: St Michael’s Home a matter of ‘grave concern’*

The State is facing “serious payments for liabilities” with respect to St Michael’s Home for Boys in Diego Martin, says Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.
Rowley said he had dinner with the Anglican Bishop last week and the issues surrounding St Michael’s Home formed a major part of the discussion.
He said there is a significant effort to ensure that the boys who are at the home are taken care of, but there are some “developments” which have caused complications.
The PM said the whole question of the management of these young males at St Michael is now a matter of “grave concern” to the Anglican Church.
Rowley explained that the church started off providing a service to the country with its management of the home but somewhere along the line, it was felt that the staff should fall under the umbrella of the Statutory Authority Service Commission and that caused the “beginning of sorrow”.
He said the Church lost control of the staff, who basically took the position that the Church could tell them nothing and it became an area and a general “free for all”.

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