Thursday, December 14, 2017

Cutlass attack on Rousillac man captured on video

A VIDEO showing the brutal chopping and beating of a man at Rousillac has emerged on social media. 

The victim was chopped and planassed (beaten with the flat side of a cutlass) more than 25 times and collapsed in the street amidst traffic. He was later identified by police as Krishna Gadarsingh, 50, of Sundarsingh Trace, Rousillac.

Gadarsingh is warded at hospital in critical condition.

A suspect- a 27 year old man also of Sundarsingh Trace - was arrested shortly after the incident.

The attack occurred at around 3.30 p.m. Monday near Pepper Sauce Hill, Sobo Junction.

The video shows Gadarsingh entering his vehicle when a man armed with a cutlass approaches him from behind.

The man immediately begins to chop and planass Gadarsingh, whose only defense is to lift his arms above his head.

The video shows the assailant repeatedly chopping and planassing Gadarsingh, even as he is on his knees and seemingly unable to retaliate.

The attack is witnessed by motorists and by-standers but no one intervened.

The man eventually ceases the attack and walks off, leaving Gadarsingh slumped on the road next to his vehicle.

Gadarsingh was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where he was expected to undergo emergency surgery.

The suspect was found by police in a shack where he lives alone.

A second video which has emerged shows police escorting a hand-cuffed suspect into a police vehicle.

PC Maharaj of the La Brea Police is continuing investigations.