Monday, February 19, 2018

St Dominic’s manager disputes claims of neglect*

St Dominic’s Children’s Home Empty cupboard yesterday.

Food issues as well as ­alleged mental and verbal abuse by staff prompted four teenagers from the St Domi­nic’s Children’s Home, Port of Spain, to run away in May.
This is the claim of a parent of one of the four teens.
The woman, who asked not to be named, visited the Express office in Port of Spain yesterday after reading of concerns raised by an official at the home.
The official told the Express on Thursday food items supplied to the home were not enough to feed the 33 children housed there at present, and that their dietary needs were not being met.
The claims have been disputed by manager of the home Arlene Greenidge as well as the Children’s Authority.
In a release yesterday, Children’s Authority communications manager Cheryl Moses-Williams said the authority received a report and immediately visited the home to investigate the claims. 

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