Sunday, February 18, 2018

Destra breaks ankle in fall through stage *

...soca artiste to require surgery after Bermuda accident

wheeled to her flight: Soca artiste Destra Garcia, with her lower leg in a cast, is pushed by an attendant in a wheelchair yesterday at LF Wade International Airport in Bermuda. At left is her manager, Brian Morris. —Photo courtesy The Royal Gazette

Soca artiste Destra Garcia was yesterday reported to be in a lot of pain from a broken ankle sustained on Wednesday when she fell through the flooring of a stage she was performing on in Bermuda.

Garcia was performing at the annual Cup Match Summer Splash Concert, featu­ring her and Jamaican dancehall artiste Sean Paul.

Garcia had performed a few songs, including “Call Meh Name”, and was speaking to the audience as she walked forward. Suddenly, she fell through the stage and disappeared.

Contrary to reports, Garcia did not walk out to the edge of the stage and fall off. The area of the stage where she was standing fell apart under her and she fell through. Floor monitors and lighting were between her and the edge of the stage.

Garcia's manager, Brian Morris, said Garcia sustained a broken ankle, which will require surgery to heal properly, and it has been placed in a temporary cast. She also suffered several minor injuries, including scratches and strains.


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