Sunday, February 25, 2018

Canadian finds success selling doubles*

Lucas Boers with his doubles cart.

Doubles...Trinidad’s most revered street food. In fact, Trinis are quite protective of it and oftentimes scoff when told that there are people in other places such as Barbados, Jamaica and New York making and selling doubles. “Only Trini doubles is real doubles,” some say.
Most doubles found elsewhere is made and sold by Trinbagonians and in some cases Guyanese and truth be told, tastes good. Even doubles sold in Caribbean restaurants in Toronto. But now there is a Canadian in Toronto, of neither Indo- nor Afro-Trinidadian descent, who claims to be making the bara, channa and condiments, selling his doubles from a bicycle mounted cart on the streets of Toronto. No lie! And he seems to be building an impressive clientele.
Earlier this year Lucas Boers journeyed from Toronto, Canada, to visit a friend in Trinidad.
One night while liming, he was introduced to doubles and it was love at first bite. Boers fell hard for the two fluffy, fried flatbreads, with channa (chickpeas) and covered in a savoury sauce. One was just not enough.
Boers quickly decided he could build a food empire back home and the next thing he knew, he had quit his job and got to work starting his own business, making and selling doubles in Toronto, Canada.

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