Thursday, December 14, 2017

When the red light means go... *

The place was City Gate.
The time was ten minutes ago (4.30 p.m., August 9).
One set of lights at the intersection turned red, but the pedestrian light was also red. Still, as is our custom, we saw a chance to cross.
Except there was the blaring siren of an ambulance speeding towards us from the east.
I stepped back and watched.
Maybe 90 per cent of the pedestrians started crossing.
That included two groups with young children.
They did not make much adjustments. Just kind of quickened their pace, so much so that the ambulance actually had to slow down to avoid them.
And I thought:
This is what parents mean when they tell me, “when I have a child of my own, I can tell them about parenting’’.
This kind of thing these people will never do in a foreign country.
This is the kind of urgency they should expect from the police and ambulances if their own life is in danger.
And finally, this country has really gone to the dogs.
Respect for the law and plain basic empathy (for whomever was in that ambulance) are like dust in the wind.