Tuesday, January 23, 2018


report on ocean flower II sea trial reveals:

Chairman, PATT board: Alison Lewis

The Ocean Flower II is unfit to sail the seas between Trinidad and ­Tobago.

Two days before its announcement of the termination of its contract for the vessel, the Port Autho­rity of Trinidad and Tobago (PATT) received a chief engineer's report outlining the unsuitability of the ferry for the T&T seabridge, owing to an array of fire hazards and a ­potentially explosive defect.

A report by chief engineer Brendon Powder, obtained yesterday by TV6 investigative reporter Mark Bassant, has revealed that while carrying out a sea trial with the vessel in Panama, the PATT's technical team found “it was untenable to have this vessel sail to Trinidad with the mechanical defects ­identified”.

Based on inspections and a sea trial, the report noted “none of the main engines' Oil Mist Detectors were functional or even had a power supply to them which is highly dangerous and poses a potential explosion risk in the engine crankcase”.


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