Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Body in river identified: Stabbed, chopped, strangled

The decomposing body floating in a river in Barrackpore on Wednesday has been identified as that of Thackorie Adheen.

Adheen, 55, was a sawmill worker who lived in Caparo.

He was not married and had no children.

His body was recovered from a river at Cunjal Road South, by police responding to information by an anonymous caller.

A crocus bag was wrapped around Adheen's head.

Relatives said Adheen told his friends he was going to visit relatives in Charlieville on Saturday afternoon.

He never arrived and did not show up for work on Monday.

His sister, Hemati Ishmael, said a missing person's report was filed and officers contacted the family on Thursday.

“His co-workers filed a report and the police called on Thursday to say a body was found and we should go to Forensic,” she said.

Ishmael said she did not know why her brother would go to Barrackpore as he had no friends or relatives there.

“This is strange because he left to come by us and he never reached. I don't understand what he was doing in Barrackpore,” she said.

An autopsy performed on Adheen's body found that he was strangled. He was also stabbed three times in the chest and chopped at the back of his head.

Relatives said Adheen had no known enemies.