Thursday, December 14, 2017

Neptune is the new Inspector of Prisons

Cedric Neptune

Cabinet has approved the appointment of an Inspector of Prisons.

Attorney Cedric Neptune, a former police officer, has been appointed to serve in the position for two years.

Neptune was admitted to the legal profession in 2001 and practices Family Law, Property/Conveyancing Law, Non-contentious Probate Law, Immigration Law, Criminal Law, Industrial Relations/Labour Law, Civil Litigation, Public Law and Contract Law.

Neptune was a police officer from 1988-2007 and served as Legal Advisor to Homicide Bureau of Investigation South during the period 2003-2007. 

The remit of the of the Inspector of Prisons as stated in Section 20 of the Prisons Act, Chapter 13:01 are as follows:

“The Inspector when inspecting any prison which he is required by the Prison Rules or by Rules made under this Act to inspect, may exercise all or any of the following powers:


(a)        examine any person holding office or receiving any salary or emolument in the prison;

(b)        call for or inspect all books and papers relating thereto;

(c)         inquire in all matters relating to prison; and

(d)        examine every prisoner or other person who he finds in the prison and thinks it fit to examine, either alone or in the presence of such persons as the Inspector thinks fit.”