Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Love Story Shared*

Upon exiting the library, a misstep resulted in her books tumbling out of her hands as she instinctively braced herself for the fall. She didn’t fall. Behind her, someone volunteered to pick her books up off the ground. Flushed with embarrassment, she wanted to say it was fine.

It was her way of signalling that she was in control but he, the stranger, was already at her side picking up the books that had tumbled out of her arms.
She was striking with a beautifully contoured face and gorgeous lips. Her hair seemed as if every strand was arranged in perfection and gently swept across her face but not concealing her beauty. Her eyes were captivating and her clothing clung to her as if they were afraid, revealing an attractive figure.
He too was striking. Tall and skinny with glasses, he could easily be thought of as chief geek. He seemed uncoordinated and he epitomised awkward. As they walked to the library’s parking lot, he assured her that even though she was about to fall she still looked beautiful, and they laughed. They exchanged names and discovered that they were usually at the library at the same times.

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