Thursday, December 14, 2017

Editor's Note*

Never Stop Giving Love, Even When...

Good morning. I hope you are all enjoying an easy Sunday morning. Life is good, simply because you are alive. Yes, we have troubles to bear, but to have awakened today means you and I have the opportunity to be rid of some of those troubles, even all of them.

Over recent weeks, I’ve learned that just because you have known a person “all your life,” does not mean he/she is a genuine friend. They may only value you as a convenience, employing expressions of friendship and agape love to ensure your devotion and continued service. Then, when someone better or more lucrative comes along, they cast you away. They may even set out to smear your good name in order to disguise their folly.
I have learned that when this happens, you do not become bitter and respond with hate. Be angry, for a moment. Be firm but not unkind in your defence. Distance yourself, but bless them still. Wish them well still. Love them still. And be still.
You will find that your true “lifelong” friends, including those you’ve only recently met are still with you. Your family is still with you. And if all others leave, God will never abandon you. A good lesson I have learned over the past weeks.
Do enjoy today’s edition of the Express Woman magazine.

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