Thursday, December 14, 2017

Have Her Cake and Eat It*

ONE can easily mistake the work produced by Jaime Gerard for pure magic because her wedding cakes are spellbinding and possess the power to take your breath away.

There are many words one may use to describe these exquisite creations crafted by Gerard’s hands though her fans would agree that they are, simply put, works of art, almost too beautiful to be eaten. Each cake is a mélange of skill and painstaking attention to detail along with Gerard’s creativity and passion for cake artistry.
In the short space of time since Jaime Gerard Cake - a business run by sisters Jaime and Kimberley has been up and running, their brand has been associated with elegance and beauty and has won the admiration of their clients. But don’t expect to see pictures of her here or on social media, for more than one reason Gerard is very protective of herself and her family’s privacy and prefers to let her cakes take the spotlight while she works behind the scenes.

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