Thursday, December 14, 2017

Now Her Body Is Hers*

SHELLY-ANN Weeks was just 34 and facing a hysterectomy with the same sense of dread as one staring down the barrel of a gun. The surgery was scheduled following the discovery of three fibroids, the size of grapefruits, growing in her womb. Weeks had to make a decision - and fast. But instead of going under the knife, she made a U-turn, cancelled her appointment and changed her diet and eating habits.

Today, Weeks could not feel any better, in fact she is now living her best life. As a popular sex educator, columnist, blogger and TV host in her homeland, Jamaica, Weeks who is known by her moniker “Dr.Sexy-Ann” has never shied away from talking about anything and everything personal so when it came to sharing her story, she decided to write a book I Changed My Diet And Changed My Life - an honest to God account of her struggle and subsequent transformation. From her home in Jamaica she explains why changing her lifestyle was the best decision she’s ever made and what led to it.

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