Thursday, December 14, 2017

Still In Love With Her Trini*

Sharon Cox-Cole.

Her base is Rhode Island, USA, but fashion designer Sharon Cox-Cole never forgets her Trinidad and Tobago roots.

In town for some days recently, Cox-Cole believes it important for her to come home every so often to reconnect and to let people know what she’s been up to.
Cox-Cole started designing in 1985 but turned “pro” in 1992 upon completion of the Boston School of Fashion Design. In 2004, she opened a design studio and started Shaco Couture.
Trinbagonians might have seen her work when she lived here but may not have known it since the clothing didn’t carry her label.
“I was the head designer for Tres Joli. It was owned by William Munroe and I remember we sold to a lot of stores,” Cox-Cole said.
“I also did designs for The Mighty Sparrow and Iwer George.”
Shaco Couture can be described as vibrant, colourful and with an unapologetic Caribbean aesthetic. Still, the former Carenage-based designer insists that when it comes to her work, one can hardly pigeonhole her.

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