Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Best and the Beautiful*

Dear Readers,
I have been asked by a reader to let her know what airline do I think is the very best and how do I feel about Pakistan where this reader was soon to go.
So once again I would like to share with you excerpts of my trip to Dubai and Pakistan and without hesitation, name what I think is the best service on board I have ever had… and that is on Emirates Airline.
So here is my story:
I was personally invited by the president of the Pakistan Cricket Board (with my husband), to witness three One-Day International matches between the West Indies and Pakistan many years ago. Here is my Diary “Personal experiences in Dubai and Pakistan.”
Day 1 and Day 2: The walk to the Emirates Lounge at Heathrow Airport is rather long, but we are greeted warmly and shown into a restful oasis with carpeted floors of pale teal, cream walls, walnut panelling and mouldings. There are potted plants everywhere and deep butterscotch leather couches grouped in conversation areas for about 80 people.

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