Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bandits terrorise beach house vacationers in Mayaro

Mayaro, on Trinidad's east coast

WARNING that they will not stop, gunmen robbed at least three families staying a beach houses in Mayaro at the weekend.

Police confirmed that persons were robbed of cash, cellphones and jewellery at a beach house at Plaisance Road.

The family was liming outside their apartment when gunmen walked in and demanded they hand over their valuables.

The Express was told that at least two other families, staying at beachfront guest houses were robbed on Saturday night.

One of the victims posted a warning on social media. He said, “People please be careful my family and I got robbed at gun point in Mayaro last night. We lost everything. Last night alone had 3 robberies. They told us they won't stop robbing people.”

Mayaro MP Ruston Paray said he was deeply concerned by the levels of criminal activities throughout the country.

And the latest spate of robberies and break ins at visitor areas was troubling, he said.

Paray said, “While there is considerable policing of hot spot areas, the criminal element is finding cooler spots to engage in their nefarious activities. This spate of robberies and break ins especially in our visitor areas is troubling. This drives a stake into our tourism sector.”

Paray pleaded with the police to increase patrols and called on guest house owners to ensure properties were secured.

“I am pleading with guest house owners to ensure that properties are adequately lit and perimeter surroundings cleaned for the safety of their guests. I will be engaging the leadership of the Police Eastern Division to ramp up activities in the area to deal with this and other security issues in the constituency,” he said.