Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Mystery, adventure in new children’s book *

Writer Desari-Ann Howard Gibbs

Every day you wake up with the power to choose what you are going to do. You can open your own business, volunteer at your favourite charity, change careers or further your education. You have the power to make changes and work hard to become the person you feel you ought to be. Each choice you make impacts your chance for success in life.
With this in mind, Desari-Ann Howard Gibbs says she made a choice and now enjoys doing a job that makes her heart sing. Blending her passion for graphics and illustration with her love for the written word, Gibbs takes readers on a journey into a world of mystery and adventure with her latest book, Don’t Go Mango Picking.
Set in the late ’70s to early ’80s, the book highlights the deep, forested areas of Wallerfield, Arima, and two girls’ penchant for excitement and mischief.
Gibbs, who goes by the moniker DH Gibbs, has written professionally for almost three years. Like any profession, writing has its ups and downs. However, Gibbs finds a way to roll with the punches.

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