Monday, February 19, 2018

Mom charged with making false rape report

A 45-year-old woman will appear before a Princes Town Magistrate on Thursday, charged with falsely reporting to the police that she was raped.

The woman told officers that she boarded a car at 2.30 pm on Tuesday at a taxi stand and the driver took her off route to a location where he raped. She said she knew the taxi driver. Officers took him into custody  that night.

He told the police that the sex was consensual . He told officers that he took the woman home after picking her up at a supermarket.

Sergeant Ramlogan, corporal Nanan and constables Mitchell and Ramkissoon investigated.

They found that vehicles could not enter the road the woman said she was raped.

Camera footage also showed that she entered the man's car at a grocery. The description the man gave the police of the woman's bedroom and washroom matched the layout the officers saw when they visited the home of the mother of one.

She is expected to be charged with wasteful employment of police time by making a false report.