Sunday, January 21, 2018

Storm blows through villages: Roofs ripped off

A screen shot from a video showing roofing sheets on electrical lines in Rousillac this afternoon.

AT least a dozen roofs were blown off during a squall which hit several villages in south west Trinidad around midday Thursday.

Residents said there was little rain but strong “tornado-like” winds blew across Aripero, Dow Village and Rousillac.

The bad weather lasted for no more than an hour but left thousands of dollars in damages.

Video footage on social media showed galvanised roofing sheets hanging off electrical lines.

When contacted, local Government councillor for Othaheite/ Rousillac Chandardaye Ramadharsingh said she was on her way to meet with the victims.

Ramadharsingh said: “We were in council meeting when at around midday the weather came down. When I reached home at Grant's Road, Rousillac I saw my gallery and couch set were soaked and my office was flooded.”

She said she was contacted by one of the victims at Rousillac whose roof had blown off.

“The person told me she was driving home when she saw the roofs blowing off. But when she reached home she realised that her roof had blown off too”, said Ramadharsingh.

The councillor said that she had contacted officials from the Siparia Regional Corporation who will contact State agencies to render assistance to the victims.