Thursday, January 18, 2018

111 TDC workers retrenched: The company is no more

Tourism Minister Shamfa Cudjoe announced the decision to close the company.

The Tourism Development Company (TDC) has ceased operations.

The announcement came from the Minsitry of Tourism, via a media statement yesterday.

THe Ministry said effect Monday, it will manage on an interim basis the four portfolios previously under the remit of the TDC.

They are the Tourism Investment and Incentives, Cruise Passenger Visitor Services, Airport Visitor Information Services and Sites and Attractions (Maracas Beach Facility, Las Cuevas Beach Facility, Vessigny Beach Facility, Manzanilla Beach Facility and the La Brea Pitch Lake).

The closure of TDC comes five months after Tourism Minister Shamfa Cudjoe announced Cabinet's decision to dissolve the company.

On Monday 111 TDC workers were served with retrenchment notices.

The TDC will be replaced by three separate new entities-the Tourism Trinidad Destination Management Company Limited (Tourism Trinidad), the Tobago Tourism Agency and the Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Regulatory and Licensing Authority.

“Trinidad and Tobago remains one of the most unspoilt tourist destinations within the Caribbean; blessed with a uniquely diverse culture that is reflected in an array of mouth watering culinary delights and riveting heritage traditions. These three entities are intended to act as catalysts for the sustained development of Trinidad and Tobago's tourism sector and present us all with a unique opportunity to move our tourism product forward in new and exciting ways,” the Ministry said in the release.

The Ministry has asked persons requiring any tourism related services to contact its Tourism Stakeholder Relations Unit at 625-0963/624-1403 Ext. 227 and 251 or email