Saturday, January 20, 2018

Woman: 'I was beaten, robbed: No one helped me'

...crime in broad daylight in Port of Spain

A 23-year-old victim of crime is now appealing for citizens to be their brother's keeper after she was robbed in broad daylight on Thursday.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, said she was beaten by a man who ripped off her gold chain on the streets of Port of- Spain.

The attack was witnessed by vendors and shoppers along Charlotte Street, she said.

“The beating and losing my chain did not worry me. What worried me was that so many people were there and saw what happened and never helped. People were clearing the way for the man to pass, no one helped me. It was only after when I began to walk away, a vendor called me back and said my earring was on the ground,” she said.

The Princes Town woman works as a customer service representative at a business in Port of Spain.

The incident happened at around 2.45pm.

She said, “A co-worker and I took a walk out to Charlotte Street to buy some fruits by a vendor. As I was picking up some plums I felt someone hold my neck. I turned around and it was a young man. He was holding on to my thick, gold chain, I dropped everything and started to push him off. He hit me behind my head and started to kick me. The chain burst and he grabbed it. He didn't even run, he jogged a little way and then walked.”

The woman said she was traumatised by the incident and even more shocked that no one helped.

She ran a short distance and found a parked police vehicle.

“That too was shocking because when I looked inside the officers were asleep,” she said.

The woman, assisted by her co-worker, went to Central police station where a report was filed.

She was placed in a police vehicle and taken through the streets of Port-of-Spain in search of the thief. He was not found.

“While I was at the station other persons came to make reports of robberies. I understand this happens very often and the officers know the persons involved. I can identify the man and would be willing to attend an identification parade,” she said.

The woman said she was disappointed that Trinidadians were no longer looking out for one another. She appealed to citizens to stand up against criminals.

“We need to do this together, we have to stand up. We cannot allow them to take control. I don't care about the chain I lost. But I am very concerned that we have lost that compassion and love we once boasted of. We need to protect one another,” she said.