Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Editor's Note

Why Racism? Why?!!

A blessed Sunday to all of you our cherished Express Woman readers.

I hope you are having an enjoyable day.
As I write this, I am distracted by the reports of the terror attack in Barcelona, Spain. What measure of hate will move anyone to drive a vehicle into people going about their business, killing and/or injuring them?
Why would people form organisations based on hate towards people of varying races, religions and lifestyle and spread the ideology that they don’t deserve to live in the same nation as you, or deserve to live at all?
These ways of living truly baffle me.
This past week I posted on Facebook that when I was at primary school, I really had no idea that there were great differences between all of us in school. We were all just children in class and on the courtyard. Then I went to St Mary’s College and from the first day of school, I learned about who was “Indian,” who was a “negro,” that he was a “Syrian” and the next one a “Chinee” and the group over there were “white boys.”
Now, I did know of different ethnicities while at Arima Boys’ RC and that my East Indian friends celebrated Divali and that Miss Mary in the Chinee shop sold nice comforter sweetie, but that they were so very different from me and I from them, I did not realise until secondary school when the attitudes of teachers towards us revealed this.
Yes, it was the adults who opened our eyes and closed our minds as well as our hearts, when it came to race.
So the neo-nazis and supremacists marched in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend where a young woman standing for right lost her life, because some people believe only they have the right to a good life. And now a can of worms many believed had been sealed decades ago, has been opened to be used as bait for those that can easily be drawn into the ideology of hatred to get caught, reeled in, brainwashed and be thrown back into the waters of society.
Sad. So very sad.
Let us all seek to share love and spread good vibes in our communities this coming week. It may be challenging for some of us, but a kind word, a genuine smile and a gesture of sincere love go a long way.
Enjoy the week ahead and be cautious as you go about your business. May God keep you and provide for you.