Sunday, January 21, 2018

CSEC misery for thousands of pupils

...CXC site crashes, exam results cannot be accessed

UPDATE: At around 9a.m. today, pupils began access results. This is what happened overnight.


Thousands of pupils spent a sleepless night in an ultimately futile attempt to access their Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (CSEC) results that was supposed to be available online at 10p.m Friday.

Up to 9a.m. on Saturday morning, none of the pupils had been able to view their results, with parents going to the Caribbean Examination Council's (CXC) Facebook site to pour scorn on the Barbados-based organisation which administers the examination.

CXC was supposed to release the results online on Wednesday but issued a statement to say it was being delayed to Friday.

On Friday afternoon, CXC issued a statement that due to the passage of Tropical Storm Harvey, its Barbados headquarters would be closed.

“The closure will not affect the release of the results of the candidates online today at 10p.m” stated CXC.

It appears CXC was wrong.

Anyone trying to access the result is being greeted with an error message stating that access to the report has been restricted.

The organisation has made no statement since.

As a result, outraged parents and students have excoriated the organisation online.

Here are some of the comments -

“You had one job yet you can't release some results”.

“CXC site in a mess. More trauma for students”.

“This is ridiculous, holding children to ransom and causing more anxiety that anything else”.

“Major debacle on the part of CXC who from recent research appears to be an aloof uncaring organisation. Having tens of thousands of children going though desiar with their failed online initiative”.

“What makes it worse is that they don't have the capacity to make any kind of statement or announcement to mitigate the mess they have created”.

At a press conference on Friday, Education Minister Anthony Garcia said students had done better at the CSEC examinations this year.

CXC also administers the CAPE examination. Those results were also released online days later than first promised.