Sunday, January 21, 2018

What causes leg and foot pain?*

Aching calves, burning legs, numbness in the feet, pain and discomfort in the lower extremities are widespread complaints that send many of us to our doctors seeking relief. Leg discomfort can knock you off your feet, and should never be ignored.
But unless the cause is something obvious, like a fall, pinpointing the source may require some medical detective work. Trying to tough it out, though, will not get you any closer to the answers. Leg pain that comes on acutely with a bang, is severe, and doesn’t resolve within minutes, probably needs to be seen right away, as it could be a sign of a more serious condition.
Here are some of the potential causes of leg and foot pain:
Blood vessel distress
Pain that occurs when walking or exercising may be the result of claudication, or decreased blood supply to the legs. This condition is most often a symptom of peripheral arterial disease, or PAD, a narrowing of the arteries that deliver blood to your limbs, typically caused by the build up of plaque or fatty deposits. 

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