Sunday, January 21, 2018

Gluttons for political punishment *

Amidst the cacophony that has erupted over the inter-island ferry fiasco, the calls for official enquiries of one kind or other into the leasing of the two vessels convince me that, as a nation, we are gluttons for political punishment.
The Prime Minister, yanking our collective chains with perverse delight, names business magnate Christian Mouttet as sole investigator into circumstances surrounding the Port Authority's decision to lease the Ocean Flower II and the Cabo (Cobo?) Star cargo vessel from a seemingly mysterious company, and to hand in a report to him within 30 days.
That act was an insult to the nation's intelligence—if we have any left. Dr Rowley and Mr Mouttet and all of us know that in a country that is notorious for time- and records-keeping, not to add the recently acquired propensity for litigation, Mr Investigator will hardly be able to do it all in a month.
Mr Mouttet will be stonewalled, threatened, sued, harassed, hounded and persecuted so much so that he will wonder what madness possessed him to accept the appointment in the first instance.


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