Thursday, January 18, 2018

Murder at PTSC - Worker gunned down

AN employee of the Public Transport Services Corporation (PTSC) was killed after being shot at his workplace in San Fernando on Sunday.

Carlos Samuel, 50, a straightener and painter, was shot twice in the stomach and died at hospital.

The suspected killer was seen running away along a nearby track.

Police were told that at around 4.05 p.m. Samuel walked towards his vehicle parked near main exit gate of the PTSC south garage at Lady Hailes Avenue.

Five minutes later, Samuel's co-worker saw him holding the wire fence next to his vehicle.

A man clad in a green hat, tee shirt and a three quarter pants was seen nearby.

The suspected killer pointed his firearm in the direction of the witness and fired, before running off.

Samuel was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Responding were ASP Mohammed, Insps Gajadhar and Williams and others, as well as WPC Serioux of Homicide Region III.

The motive for the killing is unknown.

An autopsy is expected to be performed today at the Forensic Sciences Centre.

The killing took the murder toll to 303.