Sunday, February 18, 2018

Woman falls off yacht, clings to buoy until coast guard rescue

A woman who fell off a yacht without anyone noticing, was rescued by coast guard officers 40 minutes later.

She was found clinging to a buoy out at sea. 

It happened on Saturday night near Canning Pint located off Monos Island, on Trinidad's west coast.

The near-death incident has prompted a warning from the coast guard to boaters to ensure that life jackets are available to all aboard.

The coast guard reported that at around 8.10p.m Saturday, they made the rescue.

The woman had been in the water for some time before the operator of the yacht noticed her gone.

The captain made an emergency call to the coast guard which responded from its Staubles Bay headquarters. The woman was found and brought to the coast guard's base.

A medical examination was conducted by coast guard medics and the woman was found to be in a stable condition.

The TTCG is urging citizens to be careful while at sea.

“The TTCG encourages citizens going to sea to be always vigilant and ensure that there are life jackets available for your use in case of emergency,” said the coast guard.