Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Bridgemans vice president responds to PM’s ‘crooked deal’ statement

Andrew Purdey

port of spain
Vice-president of Vancouver, Canada-based Bridgemans Services Group LP Andrew Purdey says “lies” about the procurement process for the inter-­island vessels are damaging his company.
The Express contacted Purdey on his cellphone yesterday on the ongoing controversy surrounding the procurement process for the Ocean Flower II and Cabo Star vessels for the inter-island ferry ­operations.
Purdey said he felt sorry for the people of Trinidad and Tobago who were being fed “lies” and he will come to Trinidad and Tobago to make a formal statement on the matter.
“I will come down there to make a formal statement but just so that it is absolutely clear for the record, we are a very reputable company, we have done everything under international law with international lawyers so there is absolutely nothing, and I mean ­absolutely nothing, crooked about our dealings.
“We are going to demand an investigation and the truth be told because whoever is bringing this false story and damaging our company and damaging the people of Trinidad, there must be a motive that we [are] unaware of; but the reality is the sooner the truth gets out, the happier I’ll be,” he said.

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